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I hold onto this dream, dedicating myself to composing enchanting experiences through intentional design. People covet encounters that can create an escape from their everyday lives.  Pleasant memories allow one to reminisce about joyous moments in the past or happy places visited. By consciously designing with a sense of place and close attention to user aspirations, designers create fantasies into which people can escape. We choreograph every detail, from the outfits the employees wear to the scent that wafts through the space, all to elicit these fantasies. Intending to design in totality, I strive to orchestrate these moments of magic for anyone who interacts with my designs.  


the Curtain

As children, we dream about being many things when we grow up: a doctor, an astronaut or even a race car driver. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be one thing - a magician.



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